Member accounts
When signing up you must select the forum team you would like to represent. If your forum is not listed please contact a representative from your forum and have them sign up for an owners account. Once you have selected a forum to represent you will not be able to change teams. If you must change teams contact me at
Owner accounts
When signing up you will have the option to place your site banner and a link back to your site which will be placed on your team’s page. The team owner will also be a moderator in the forum for his teams thread. In your thread you can post upcoming events you would like to share with other teams. You can also post your affiliate banner for one site you want to invite everyone to play at. Forum owners please use our sub affiliate links if we are having an event at a site you don’t have. Links to players will not be sent from this site hoping your players download the software from their participating forum.
Team Events
Each month every forum team with more than 25 members will be entered into a Freeroll. The passwords for the events will be listed in the forum and can only be viewed when the member is signed in.
First Round - is a $50 qualifying freeroll.  The top 25 players from the freeroll tournament move to the finals.
Our forum is set up to help different team members get to know each other; you may discuss poker strategy, post info on special tournaments, and have fun. We do however; have to have some rules on that as well.
  • No Bashing - We have a zero tolerance for site bashing. These sites offer us specials and there can be problems from time to time with any site. These posts will be removed and you will be warned once. The next time you will be removed from the site.
  • No posting other poker forums passwords in our forum. We want our tournaments to be private for only our members and so do they.
  • Just be respectful to everyone in the forum that includes the staff and the poker rooms and have a great time doing it.
  • Team owners will have special sections to post password thieves usernames and web sites that post other forums passwords. This section will only be viewed by the team owners.

Second Round - is a $5,50 buy in + $50 added tournament.  The top 25 players move on to the finals.

Finals - is a $50 freeroll. All players that have qualified from the first round and second round compete.

Winner - The Forum who wins the most points in the final is the champion.

This forum team receive a $100 private freeroll.


How Points are awarded in the final:


1st place - 20 points
2nd place - 19 points
3rd place - 18 points
4th place - 17 points
5th place - 16 points
6th place - 15 points
7th place - 14 points
8th place - 13 points
9th place - 12 points
10th place - 11 points
11th place - 10 points
12th place - 9 points
13th place - 8 points
14th place - 7 points
15th place - 6 points
16th place - 5 points
17th place - 4 points
18th place - 3 points
19th place - 2 points
20th place - 1 points


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